Michael Minas is a painter who is absorbed by the perceptible objective world, but who uses his acute skill as an observer to go well beyond portrayal, to experiment, extend, reflect and invent. He is captivated by the excitement and sheer pleasure of colour. The voyages of visual discovery that his delighted immersion, even obsession, with the subtleties of the huge spectrum available to the human eye form the basis of his painting.

Recognisable scenes are subsumed in a journey predicated on where meditations on a particular colour will take the hand of the artist. The process is a choreography, of looking at the painting as it grows, changes, metamorphoses, in a faceted visual dialogue between deliberation and improvistion. That famous phrase in art of taking a line for a walk is mutated in Michael Minas' art to taking colour for a walk, making a multilayered image which reflects and refracts light, and yet remains substantial and solid: physics made visible.

Marina Vaizey 2010